Stereotactic Neurosurgery

Stereotactically Guided Open Craniotomy
The Stereoadapter is an excellent means for the surgeon to locate tumors for open surgery. Due to its inherent precision the Stereoadapter may be successfully utilized even for small subcortical tumors.

Before surgery the Stereadapter is re-mounted on the patient exactly as in earlier imagings. The CT/MRI targets and the tumor margins are drawn on the scalp in relation to the Stereoadapter which is thereafter removed. The craniotomy can be accurately planned and performed through a minimal bone opening and cortical incision.
Percutaneous Tumor Biopsy Without Invasive Frame
The Steroadapter with optional Percutaneous Tumor Biopsy Kit permits safer and more simplified tumor biopsy techniques. With a probe carrier to the Stereoadapter the biopsy target is simulated on a phantom base.

For surgery the Stereoadapter with probe accessory is re-mounted on the patient. Under local anesthesia, tissue samples are then aspirated with a 2 millimeter Sedan-Nashold biopsy cannula introduced through a twist drill hole. The same technique may be utilized in ventriculostomies and cyst aspirations.
Functional Stereotaxis
The arc-centered Stereoguide a conventional stereotactic frame with its Microdrive is designed to assist all forms of morphological and functional stereotactic surgical procedures.
When the Stereoguide is used in combination with the Stereoadapter as CT/MRI localizer, neither contrast enhanced ventriculography not stereotactic radiography are required. The Stereoguide is simply positioned in relation to the Stereoadapter so that the target area coincides with the isocenter of the Stereoguide. The Stereoadapter is removed before surgery is commenced.
The target may be approached from any suitable direction. Multiple targets may be reached through one centrally located burr hole simply by change of coordinate settings.

Clinical References

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